Validation of DimReduc objects is handled by validObject

Cell Embeddings Validation

The cell embeddings matrix must be a numeric matrix of dimensions \(n_{cells}\) by \(d_{dimensions}\); row names must be the cell names and column names must be the dimension identifier. The dimension identifier must be “key_dimension” (eg. “PC_1”). Dimension identifiers must be in order and cannot be skipped

Feature and Projected Feature Loadings Validation


Standard Deviations Validation


Key Validation

Keys must be a one-length character vector; a key must be composed of one of the following:

  • An empty string (eg. “''”) where nchar() == 0

  • An string composed of one or more alphanumeric values (both lower- and upper-case) that ends with an underscore (“_”); the first character must be a letter

Keys that are not empty strings are validated with the regex “^[a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9]*_$

See also

Dimensional reduction object, validity, and interaction methods CreateDimReducObject(), DimReduc-class, [.DimReduc(), [[.DimReduc(), dim.DimReduc(), merge.DimReduc(), print.DimReduc(), subset.DimReduc()