Split an Assay

# S3 method for Assay
split(x, f, drop = FALSE, layers = NA, ...)



An Assay object


a ‘factor’ in the sense that as.factor(f) defines the grouping, or a list of such factors in which case their interaction is used for the grouping. If x is a data frame, f can also be a formula of the form ~ g to split by the variable g, or more generally of the form ~ g1 + ... + gk to split by the interaction of the variables g1, ..., gk, where these variables are evaluated in the data frame x using the usual non-standard evaluation rules.


logical indicating if levels that do not occur should be dropped (if f is a factor or a list).


Names of layers to include in the split; pass NA for all layers; pass NULL for the default layer




Returns a v5 assay with splitted layers

See also

v3 Assay object, validity, and interaction methods: $.Assay(), Assay-class, Assay-validity, CreateAssayObject(), [.Assay(), [[.Assay(), dim.Assay(), dimnames.Assay(), merge.Assay(), subset.Assay()