Methods for Centroids objects

# S3 method for Centroids
Cells(x, ...)

# S3 method for Centroids
GetTissueCoordinates(object, full = TRUE, ...)

# S3 method for Centroids
Radius(object, ...)

# S3 method for Centroids
RenameCells(object, new.names = NULL, ...)

# S3 method for Centroids

# S3 method for Centroids

# S3 method for Centroids

# S3 method for Centroids

# S3 method for Centroids
lengths(x, use.names = TRUE)

# S3 method for Centroids
subset(x, cells = NULL, ...)

# S4 method for Centroids,character,ANY,ANY
[(x, i, j, ..., drop = TRUE)

# S4 method for Centroids,numeric,ANY,ANY
[(x, i, j, ..., drop = TRUE)

# S4 method for Centroids


x, object

A Centroids object


Arguments passed to other methods


Expand the coordinates to the full polygon


vector of new cell names



i, cells

A vector of cells to keep; if NULL, defaults to all cells

j, drop



GetTissueCoordinates: A data frame with three columns:

  • x”: the x-coordinate

  • y”: the y-coordinate

  • cell”: the cell name

If full is TRUE, then each coordinate will indicate a vertex for the cell polygon; otherwise, each coordinate will indicate a centroid for the cell

Radius The radius of the centroids

RenameCells: object with the cells renamed to new.names

Theta: The offset angle in degrees

is.finite: TRUE if the centroids are polygonal, FALSE if circular

is.infinite: The opposite of is.finite

length: 0 if the centroids are circular, otherwise the number of sides of the polygonal centroid

lengths: An rle object for the cells

subset, [: x subsetted to the cells specified by cells/i

show: Invisibly returns NULL


GetTissueCoordinates: Get cell spatial coordinates

Radius: Get the centroid radius

RenameCells: Update cell names

Theta: Get the offset angle

is.finite, is.infinite: Test to see if the centroids are circular or polygonal

length: Get the number of sides for the polygonal centroid

lengths: Generate a run-length encoding of the cells present

subset, [: Subset a Centroids object to certain cells

show: Display an object summary to stdout